From the far-flung past of a future that never happened, coming to a planet near you…

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship!

Looking to explore the moons of Asimov III? Wanna meet Ivan, the sentient eyeosaur, or ogle the remains of a Bovinian Lengua from Omega V? Just need to get to another dimension, really fast?

Book: Available for short or long-term installations.

The rocketship was designed to visit colonies, orbital habitats and planetary civilizations, and is highly adaptable.

Acquire: The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is for sale.

There’s only one… it’s unique. (Although, if you’d like us to make a second or third… we have the technology). We can craft installation plans and options for a wide variety of locations.



Looking for a talented and experienced crew of artists, fabricators and engineers to build that special piece you’ve been thinking about? We (a talented group of artists and engineers) are available to aid in the development of private commissions, new works or art, and custom fabrications. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Specifications, Transportation & Installation Requirements


  • The rocketship stands 40′ tall.
  • Gross weight (excluding rocket fuel): 13,500 lbs
  • Heaviest single component: 4,000 lbs
  • Maximum width (installed): 15′


  • The ship travels packed neatly on a single, full size (55′) flat-bed trailer with no special permitting required.
  • Equipment:
  • The ship was designed for assembly with minimal heavy equipment. Actual heavy equipment needs may vary depending on the type of installation.
  • VR forklift
  • Crane with a 40′, 5 ton capacity
  • Boom Lift / Scissor Lift
  • Back-hoe / Trencher (depending on above or below-ground anchoring)
  • Anchor driver (depending on above or below-ground anchoring)


  • Outside, soft ground: 3 x 15,000 lb earth anchors, or 6 x 7,000 lb anchors
  • Outside, concrete or asphalt (location dependent, please inquire for details)
  • Interior: Location dependent, please inquire for details


  • The ship is designed to connect to any shipyard or space station power grid with ease.
  • Basic requirements include 2 x 30 AMP 110v circuits.