…those sponsoring the Raygun Gothic Rocketship’s continuing scientific adventures: to overhaul the ship during it’s stop-over in San Francisco, so we can explore the environs of a recently discovered binary system, and further evaluate our Uira engine technology.

There are many ways to show your generosity and support:

Cash Donations

Your donations are used expressly to support the Crew’s efforts to maintain the ship in a launch-ready condition, so that we are immediately available should an opportunity for adventure arise.

Employee Matching Funds

Although we no longer enjoy non-profit status, your employer may still have a program in place that could match your gift. Inquiring with the person who handles your company’s philanthropic efforts displays the sort of inquisitiveness and attention to detail that is essential in a space hero.

In-Kind- Donations

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is the offspring of countless individuals, businesses, and philanthropic institutions who have contributed essential goods to our missions: forged steel, zero-gravity hammocks, and the finest in jetpack prototypes, to name a few. If you have something that you would consider donating, please contact us and we will evaluate how to best use it. We guarantee that it will be used boldly and creatively to further the twin engines of science and human knowledge.

More on Donations:

  1. The Raygun Gothic Rocketship does not have non-profit status; donations are therefore not tax deductible. However, donations are greatly appreciated and used with utmost responsibility for the support and maintenance of the project.
  2. We use Pay Pal, but you will not need a Pay Pal account to make a donation through our site. Credit cards will work marvelously.
  3. PayPal will ask you for your address. The Raygun Gothic Rocketship’s ardent donations squadron will want to gather this information, so that we can thank you later. If PayPal already has your address you can ignore this.
  4. If your generosity is successful, you will be given a confirmation number and be brought back to a “Donate Success!” page on this site. If your transaction is not successful, you will be brought back to a “Donation Failed or Cancelled” page.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our crew is always delighted to hear from individuals eager to assist the Raygun Gothic Rocketship in her exploits.