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September 18, 2013
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship at Beakerhead

March 4, 2012
SF Chronicle: All Over Coffee

November 9, 2011
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship featured in the Wall Street Journal

September 27, 2011
SF Chronicle article by John King

December 26, 2010
The Rocketship featured on the cover of the SF Chronicle’s Datebook section.

December 26, 2010
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship featured in the San Jose Mercury News “The Year in Photographs”

August 11, 2010
Mayor Gavin Newsom Unveils Monumental Raygun Gothic Rocketship Sculpture

August 10, 2010
Rocketship in Civic Center Blog

August 7, 2010
San Francisco Sentinel Write Up

August 7, 2010
KTVU Video Report on Rocketship Opening

August 7, 2010
ABC News Report – Tuesday Night Install

August 7, 2010
CBS Channel 5 News Report of Rocketship Landing

July 17, 2010
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship featured on KRON 4- Best of the Bay

June 18, 2010
Laughing Squid

June 14, 2010 Video Interview

June 7, 2010
SF Examiner Article “Rocket art landing on SF Waterfront”

May 27, 2010 interview with Sean Orlando at the 2010 Makers Faire

May 25, 2010
Pictures of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship on

May 24, 2010
Robots and Rockets: Mashable highlights at Maker Faire

May 21, 2010
The Road to Maker Faire: How to Launch a rocket!

May 18, 2010
The Road to Maker Faire: Greetings Earthlings!

April 29, 2010
RGR Lead Artists interviewed for the Make Blog

April 16, 2010
RGR featured on the cover of the Mountain View Post

April 13, 2010
NBC Bay Area: The Raygun Gothic Rocketship at NASA Ames for Yuri’s Night

April 2, 2010
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship featured on the 2010 Maker Faire poster

March 26, 2010
The Raygun Gothic Rocketship featured on the NASA Ames website

March 17, 2010
The Rocketship scheduled to land @ Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2010

LA Weekly, September 16, 2009
BEST OF BURNING MAN ’09 from LA Weekly

Reno News & Review, September 10, 2009
Fire in the sky

Vimeo, September 10, 2009
Raygun Gothic Rocketship Launch — Burning Man 2009

San Francisco Chronicle, September 2, 2009
Burning Man 2009 Photo Gallery

Oakland Tribune, August 28, 2009
Artists riding rocket to Burning Man

cnet, August 28, 2009
All’s quiet at Burning Man–for now

Burning Blog, August 25, 2009
Safe landing and preparing for lift-off

Webomator, August 22, 2009
Raygun Gothic Rocketship counts down to its launch

Gizmodo Australia, August 17, 2009
Retro Raygun Rocket To Take “Flight” At Burning Man

Science Buzz, August 16, 2009
Not your father’s retro rocket. On second thought maybe it is.

ZDNet, August 16, 2009
Photos: The Raygun Gothic Rocketship

cnet, August 15, 2009
Evoking the romance of space travel, 1940s style

TechRepublic, August 15, 2009
Photos: The Raygun Gothic Rocketship

August 4, 2009
Uira Engine Collaboration

MAKEzine blog, June 25, 2009
Raygun Gothic Rocketship

The Contra Costa Times, June 3, 2009
Get Out: A blastoff party for Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Laughing Squid, May 22, 2009
Laughing Squid Update (by Burstein)

Past Events

June 25th, 2009, 6:30 – 10pm

Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, and David Shulman (progenitor of the mysterious ” Shulman Resonance”) presented on the past, present, and future exploits of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at the Burning Man Desert Arts Preview. Questions will be answered. Death rays were autographed. Mysteries revealed.

June 5th, 2009

The Galactic Gala was a smashing success. Pilots rubbed elbows with debutantes, explorers cavorted with bespangled performers, and mechanics cut a rug on the dance floor in the arms of pan-galactic ambassadors. All were united in common cause: Raising funds to launch the Raygun Gothic Rocketship from Black Rock City. Even an alien invasion could not dim the high spirits of those assembled – the attack was quickly quelled and all that remained was dancing, romancing, and the orbular eye of the friendly rectangular photo robot.

Quick Facts

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship (RGR) is an 80 year old vessel of scientific discovery and exploration. In her time she has crash-landed on the frozen seas of Mars, gathered specimens from every last one of the 400 volcanoes of Io and charted the caves of Mongo.

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is also a large-scale, interactive sculptural art installation, built at a warehouse in West Oakland, California. Both realities coexist simultaneously, and will do so until the Raygun Gothic Rocketship has safely conducted it’s first test launch, at Black Rock City, Nevada in late August of 2009.

The Rocketship is 40′ tall, 8′ in diameter, and is estimated to weigh 7.5 tons. It is crafted in part from recycled, reclaimed, and reused materials. A fuller description can be found here.

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is intended to creatively explore our ideas about evolution and technology as they relate to our notions about progress and The Future. This project exists at the blurry edge where science and fiction blend and become both our reality, and the stories we tell ourselves about that reality.