The Raygun Gothic Rocket (RGR) is a large scale, interactive sculptural art installation. It is done in a raygun gothic nee retro-futurist style. It will debut at the end of August 2009 in Black Rock City, NV. It is currently being built in West Oakland, CA. by a dedicated community of 70+ Bay Area industrial artists and technologists. The Rocket is 40′ tall, 8′ in diameter, and is estimated to weigh 7.5 tons. It is being crafted in part from recycled, reclaimed, and reused materials. A fuller description can be found here.

The Raygun Gothic Rocket is conceived to creatively explore our ideas about evolution and technology as they relate to our notions about progress and The Future. This project exists at the blurry edge where science and fiction blend to create a science-fiction. A fuller description can be found here.

This group is best known for having created another large scale piece called the Steampunk Tree House. It was created in early 2007 by Sean Orlando and a talented community of 60+ Bay Area artists. The interactive piece debuted in Black Rock City, NV in late August of that year. It was an immediate hit, garnering raves and rave reviews. The Tree is 30′ tall, 30′ wide, weighs 8 tons, and was crafted in part from recycled and reclaimed materials. The Steampunk Tree House was made to explore the relationship between our rapidly changing natural world and the persistent human drive to connect with it and one another. It is our second nature.