SF Chronicle article by John King

Here’s a recent article about the Rocketship in the SF Chronicle by honorary Space Cadet John King. Thanks John… we just heard back today that the Port Commission agreed to extend the Rocketship installation at Pier 14 in SF for another year… until October 2012!

Sean Orlando

“There is no social message in this artwork of oversize whimsy. It says nothing about local history or culture. The aluminum skin is a surprise amid the Embarcadero’s masonry buildings. It is what it is: a curvilicious gleam that captures the gee-whiz air of futurism past, on loan from the Black Rock Arts Foundation. The Port Commission will vote Tuesday on whether to let Raygun Gothic stay until October 2012, and how can anyone say no? This is art that sparks imagination and joy, the stuff of which vibrant cities are made.

Raygun Gothic Rocketship Pier 14 | Artists: Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor and David Shulman (and members of the Five Ton Crane Arts Group)

Style: Buck Rogers Baroque | Size: 40 feet | Date built: 2010″

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