The Rocketship is Coming to San Francisco!!

Late yesterday afternoon, the SF Port Commission voted unanimously to approve the installation of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at Pier 14, on the San Francisco Waterfront. Along with the approval, the Port also agreed to donate $15,000 towards our project budget.

A small crew contingent, along with members of BRAF, and Leslie Pritchett – our steadfast liaison throughout this process, were on hand for the meeting.

Our contacts at the Port, Dan and Phil, did a great job of organizing the proposal, outlining the mechanics of the installation and addressing basic questions and concerns. Speaking in support of our project and temporary art in general was Mike Farrah, a senior adviser to Mayor Gavin Newsom, and PJ Johnston, President of the SF Arts Commission.

So with the approval in hand, the hard work can begin. Stay tuned for more exciting details on fundraising, ship prep, Rocket Stop fabrication, and much more!

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