Why I like space better than the orphanage

By Violet Nedham, foundling, age 12

– Adoptive parents did not like it when I began talking about cold fusion.

– For fun, fixing the airlock knocks peeling potatoes clean out of the park.

– Wearing a jumpsuit is far less itchy than gingham frock with puffy sleeves.

– Collecting scrap metal for the superstructure is much more satisfying than organizing can drives. They supposedly benefit orphans, but actually just benefit Miss. Pennywhistle’s gin habit.

– Creamy risotto with asteroid shavings is light years better than gruel.

– I am very bad at tap dancing anyway and piano. But in zero gravity, who can tell?

– I have now not only met Flash Gordon personally, but helped him battle giant lizards bent on world domination. At the orphanage I only met other orphans. And no giant lizards at all.

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